It has come to our attention that there are locksmith companies located in the USA calling themselves local locksmith companies here in Kawartha and all across Canada.


Before choosing a locksmith, read through their website. 


 If they can't give you an honest estimate over the phone, beware.


 If they have reviews from USA customers or their head office is located in the USA, beware.


 Their locksmiths usually show up in cars or unmarked vehicles and they don't have an address, company name or HST number on their invoices.


 Don't be fooled with a $15 or $35 service call. You will be paying a lot more when the inflated labour charges are added!

We will give you an honest estimate over the phone and put it in writing before we start the job.

We will show proof of insurance upon request.

We show up in clearly marked vans with our company name and phone numbers on it and our invoices and receipts have our address and HST clearly marked on them.

I have been a locksmith for over 40 years and I know what needs to be done to get you back into your home, business or vehicle without damage to your property. Not all locks are pickable in that case we will explain that to you and offer you other choices. All this is explained on the phone when you calls us. We have no hidden fees and the price quoted on the phone is what you'll pay and we'll put it in writing before we start!

For more info feel free to give us a call or google phony locksmith companies.